Geometric Progress LLC was founded on September 27, 2016 by the current Director, Gregory Peele Jr, as a small-business limited-liability company registered to do business in Orange County in the State of Florida. Mr. Peele brings with him over a decade of expertise in software design, software development, technical marketing, and project management in the defense industry. He started the company to provide more flexibility for himself and value for his clients, particularly when providing subject matter expertise on topics including synthetic environments, geospatial information systems, geometric algorithms, databases, and parallel/distributed processing.

Exciting software opportunities are on the horizon, and we hope to share more about that soon.

For potential clients, we offer a labor rate sheet on request suitable for any project you might have in mind. Clients who are subject to FAR and to DCAA audit, please note that our accounting system is regrettably not yet DCAA-approved. However, we are pleased to offer Time & Materials (T&M) and Firm Fixed Price (FFP) proposals appropriate for the nature of your project.

We are also exploring the opportunity of providing investment advisory services for new investors, retirement planning, and other investing goals. Please check back with us soon on that!