Prime Contractor: Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)

Customer: US Army Research Labs - Human Resources and Engineering Directorate

Geometric Progress LLC is proud to support Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) in the research and development of rapid cloud-based synthetic environment collection, processing, production, and distribution to the point of need. Our Director provides ARA with his recognized and published expertise in geospatial format analysis and development for transmission protocols and spatial repository storage.

Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

Prime Contractor: Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)

Customer: Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Geometric Progress LLC is a small business team member supporting Applied Research Associates, Inc. on the Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction IDIQ. We look forward to potential future task orders in which we can provide our design and development expertise for synthetic environment modeling and simulation supporting analysis of CBRNE threats.